Dr. Carandang wins the First Outstanding Psychologist from PRC

Congratulations to Philplay’s founder Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” A. Carandang! She is the first ever Psychologist to be selected by the Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) as Outstanding Professional for Psychology!

Dr. Honey Carandang with her husband President and DEan of St.Luke's College of Medicine, Dr. Brigido L. Carandang.

Dr. Honey Carandang with her husband, President and Dean of St.Luke’s College of Medicine, Dr. Brigido L. Carandang.

To quote the Facebook page of the Psychological Association of the Philippines (PAP):

“The Professional Regulatory Commission selected Dr. Honey Carandang as Outstanding Professional for Psychology for 2014. In its awarding ceremonies last June 20, 2014, the PRC hailed Dr. Carandang and 30 other awardees from different professions for their exemplary work. Dr. Carandang was cited for being a key figure in Psychology having created the committee that first drafted the Psychology bill, which was later enacted as the Philippine Psychology Act of 2009. She was also cited for pioneering the practice of psychotherapy in the country specializing in children and families, for founding the Philippine Association of Play Therapy, authoring 13 books on the FIlipino families that created widespread impact on parents and mental health professionals. She founded the MLAC Psychological Services for Wellbeing that specializes in the wellbeing of the marginalized, traumatized, abused, survivors of disasters, street children, OFW families left behind, and children in prostitution. Dr. Carandang is the first Psychologist awarded this honor by PRC. She was joined in the ceremonies by Dr. Imelda Villar, Psychology Regulatory Board (PRB) of Psychology, her spouse Dr. Brigido Carandang, Dr. Gina Hechanova, PAP President and Dr. Miriam Cue, Chair of PRB for Psychology. The PAP extends its warmest congratulations to Doc Honey with thanks for her continued service to the profession and others!”

Dr. Honey Carandang with husband Dr.Brigido Carandang

Dr. Honey Carandang and husband Dr.Brigido Carandang, with Dr.Imelda Villar, Dr.Gina Hechanova, and Dr. Miriam Cue.

Our congratulations to you, Tita Honey, our beloved mentor!