The Philippine Association for Child and Play Therapy or Philplay was set up in July 2009, with the goal of:

Promoting the value of Play, Play Therapy and Credentialed Play Therapists.

Brief History

Play therapy has been practiced and researched for many years in other countries.
Here in the Philippines,  Dr. Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang pioneered the practice of play therapy in the early 80’s.  Since then, through her practice, teaching and training of therapists, she has championed the Filipino children’s innate wisdom and capacity to lead their own healing process.
This began the professional practice of play therapy in the Philippines.

What is Play?
“Play is the child’s most natural medium of expression.  
I dare say that it is the child’s natural way of being.
The child has an innate ability to play. He does not have to learn it from anyone.
…. Play gives the child a sense of power over his environment.
It is an antidote to helplessness and depression because it is empowering. 
Play is the time and space to be.  Playing gives the glorious sensation of autonomy, of freedom. 
It is deeply satisfying.  As it is with children, so it is with adults.  Simply, we all need to play.”

Dr. Ma. Lourdes A. Carandang,

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