PhilPlay celebrates 10 years!


Now and then, words fail us. Words are unable to fully capture our deepest sentiments and the complexity of our experience. Children, because of their still-developing language skills, may be particularly prone to this problematic situation where they cannot directly or clearly communicate what they feel.

But art, music and dance can just as effectively capture our thoughts and feelings, if not actually more so. The expressive arts has long been regarded as the language of the soul. Freed from the evaluative judgment of the analytical mind and the restrictions posed by words, the person is able to get in touch with his inner self in a raw, natural and authentic way. This frequently leads to more meaningful reflections and better insight.

Join us during our G.A. and experience how through some select activities, one modality of expressive arts (whether it’s art, music or dance) can facilitate self-knowledge, self-understanding and self-acceptance. Choose a workshop and allow yourself to be free, mindful and creative.

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