Mapaglarong Buhay: a talk by PhilPlay president


We kicked off our 10th year with a talk given at the 14th POPMH Batangas Annual Provincial Convention with the theme “Understanding Psychotherapy: Discovering Strengths Beyond the Blues” last March 9 at Batangas Sate University in Batangas City.

What happens when life toys with us, plays cruel tricks on us? How do children–the most vulnerable members of our society–cope when disaster strikes, when they experience trauma, loss, neglect, abuse of different kinds, bullying?

In “Mapaglarong Buhay: The Importance of Play to Children’s Mental Health & Emotional Well-Being,” Dr. Wash Garcia talked about play as the children’s most natural way of making sense of the world and adjusting to problems or difficulties they encounter. He discussed how colleagues in the helping profession can utilize play therapy to help children improve their coping skills and enhance their resiliency.

Our thanks to the Phil Mental Health Association Lipa-Batangas Chapter (PMHA), the Psychological Organization for the Promotion of Mental Health (POPMH) and their 12 Batangas university partners for their interest and warm welcome. Mabuhay po kayong lahat!!! 🤗


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