Playing My Music: Tuning In to My Inner Self

“Playing My Music: Tuning In to My Inner Self” 
 We are grateful to our speaker, Ms. Ettie Miranda, for her soothing music and generous sharing of self.

 Listening to her and the Komusikasyon has been moving and refreshing experience.

 The sharing is also a great peg for encouraging playing and storytelling. Music allows us to connect to our personal stories and what is important to us at a given time in our lives. Telling those stories through music enables us to tune in to ourselves, to our desires, our challenges and to the emotions that can give us clues about the direction we would like to take for ourselves. This kind of storytelling is also the way the soul plays and the way it heals.

Ms. Ettie and the Assumption Antipolo Komusikasyon

How music has impacted my life…