Pictures from the Basic Play Therapy Workshop last May 17-19, 2016

Hello everyone! Thank you to all those who joined the Basic Play Therapy Workshop last May 17-19, 2016! 

Here are some pictures and words to capture the three day event c/o Philplay president Dr.Wash Garcia: 


The time. The space. “To be.”

Day 1 of the recent Basic Play Therapy Workshop 1 (BPT1) held last May 17-19.

The participants were busy at play, doing what they felt like doing, reaching back to their childhood experiences and opening doors to creativity.

And they were just getting started!


Listening. And the importance of respect and pacing.

Day 2 of BPT1.

Grounding the play experience on concepts, theories and principles of child psychology, examining the nuances of therapist-client relationship, and exploring the dynamics of the self. Telling our own stories. Sharing insights gained from interacting with children in specific work settings. Seeing thru the lens of our own culture.


Mental furniture. And pieces of the soul.

Day 3 of BPT1.

Some of the outputs of the participants from going thru selected modes of expressive therapy.

“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” (Cesar Cruz)


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